imgstaticmyid is a simple image placeholder generator. It generates placeholder images, with a few options you can pass.



You can set the size by passing the dimensions like 300x300 or just 300 for square images. The size is always the first option to pass.


You can set the background- & textcolor by passing hex color values like /ccc/999. First value (after the size) is the background color, the second is the text color. You can pass only the background color or both.


You can set the image format by adding the file extension (including the .) to any of the 3 options. The supported image formats are .png, .gif, .jpg and .jpeg. If you pass no image format, .png is used.

Custom Text

You can set the text by passing another option like &text=custom+text. The &text= is always at the end. Spaces should be replaced by a +.


Checkout these examples, to see it in action.